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About us

Hi. I'm Molly.  I am one lady with several passions and when you purchase from me, every item will come directly from me to you.

If it's photography that you are searching for, each piece is part of a memory I have made, something that touched me or inspired me along my life's journey.

If vintage is what you are searching for, I have plenty. I love the thrill of the hunt to bring these treasures to my store and the longer I have done it, the more I  enjoy how much I have learned from researching the pieces I have collected.

MollysMuses, my photography and MollyFinds, my vintage have been 2 separate stores until now.  With both my photography and the vintage pieces that I collect, I want to provide pieces for you to display in your home that when a visitor enters, they will get a true look at what you love, what inspires you and of course what you enjoy being surrounded by. You can tell a lot about a person by what they collect and how they display it.

Find a piece from the style and decade that you loved most and I hope you will enjoy that feeling again.