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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is broken down into 2 sections, 1 for MollysMuses photography and the other for MollyFinds vintage. However your privacy is YOUR privacy and those facts are the same for both and are explained  below.

* I have partnered with secure ecommerce  banks including paypal and other trusted  3rd party credit card company's to make your transaction safe and easy. When you make a purchase and use a credit card, I NEVER see your information, it is not stored anywhere. This transaction is between you and the bank of your choice and I only receive the order once it is paid.

* Information that is collected during the transaction, such as your mailing address is only used when I am shipping you your item.

* Your email address is only used between the 2 of us for communicating about your purchase. And it will be used for my newsletter, ONLY if you give me your persmission to send it to you.

MollysMuses - Photography

Are these photograph's original, are they created by you? YES, every photograph sold under MollysMuses, was shot, edited and finished by me. When you buy a photograph from MollysMuses, you are buying directly from the artist. Everything was and is made in the USA.

Will my Photo be matted or framed? No, unless there is a special item that says FRAMED PHOTOGRAPH, all images are shipped as prints only

Will there be a watermark or digital signature on my print? NO, the watermarks/digital signatures online are just to identify my work on the web. Your's will come clean without one.

How will my photo's be shipped? All photo under 16x20 inches will ship flate in a box. All photos larger than 16x20 will be mailed in a photo tube.

MollyFinds - Vintage

Is my item in perfect condition? No, every item in MollyFinds vintage is guaranteed to be at least 20 years old and most are much older. These items are not perfect. These items are described in detail and have photographs to show their minor or heavier defects. The only time you can expect an item to be perfect is if it is listed as MINT. I rarely list anything and word it that way. You will see items, that are Like New though.

Still unsure, ask me here. I love to help with your buying experience.

Will my item ship the day I purchase it? Maybe. But, not usually. After a payment has come through, please expect 1-3 day to process, pack and ship your item. If you need a rush, please let me know before purchasing to make sure I can accommodate.

Are my items guaranteed? No, these items are all previously owned and old. It is my promise to disclose everything I know about an item's condition when I list it. Especially vintage electronics, I ask you to use your own best judgement for safety and many times, rewiring a lamp is good for piece of mind and energy saving as well.

There are no DUMB questions, I love my customers and I am happy to help. Ask Here